The world of blogging in Africa( best way in 2021)

     Blogging in Africa is one of the best ways people in Africa have been able to make their ideas and creativity be of impact and awesome help to the world by making use of a blog to showcase their ideas. 

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Since the inception of blogging, people have not just been able to showcase their ideas to the world but have also been able to earn a living by sharing their ideas to the world.

Blogging as we all know spans through alot of areas of interest.

That is why the internet over the years has been the greatest place in which someone can find any information.

These tangible information are displayed across the world with the help of blogs.

Imagine if you want to receive a training for software design in India and your tutor is in England. 

Blogging in Africa

That will be a very expensive class to participate in because of the cost you will incur in the process of moving from India to England just to be in the training classes. 

These type of limitations was in the pre-internet years and you can imagine the stress that people passed through.

In the modern are, a student can join classes from any place in the world without much stress.

The covid 19 period really exposed people to the untaped benefits that the internet can offer. 

Due to the pandemic, movements of people was completely halted and this became the most miserable stage in life anyone has faced. 

Millions of People lost their job and this was very disastrous for some families.

Irrespective of the loss of jobs that alot of people experienced, other people were raking in millions of dollars as profit from business that rendered their services online and most of them were bloggers. 

The covid 19 pandemic period really made people to rely on the internet for their day to day activities such as buying and selling, video meetings and the list goes on.

With these list of numerous activities that occurred, guess where it took place? The blog of course.

This made alot of people to dive into blogging and other activities online that could fetch them some cash.

Blogging in Africa

One of the best things about blogging is that you have the luxury of your work schedule as compared to the normal 9 to 5 jobs where you barely have time for yourself and still work so hard to be paid pennies.

With blogging, you get to choose what time you work and also have the flexibility of scheduling your pleasure and vacation periods as you please. 

Irrespective of this flexibility of time used in blogging, you still have the luxury of pleasure and also make money too.

Blogging in Africa

Blogging in Nigeria in 2021

     Blogging in Nigeria has been one of the best avenues in which youths that are tech savvy have been able to make a decent living.

When you look at how blessed the African continent is in terms of natural resources and then try to relate it to the level of employment ration in the continent. The result that you will get will be very dissapointing and surprising.

This is because in a normal sense, Africa should outdo alot of countries in the world in terms of employment rate, technology and economic growth due to the abundance in natural resources that it has. 

This is very far from it as most of the poorest countries in the world are African countries with so much high index of poverty and the sad news is that it gets worse as the days go by.

Blogging in Nigeria

Most of this is due to the lack of job opportunities and high unemployment rate in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Irrespective of this level of unemployment rate, some certain group of Nigerians are really making it big and basking millions of dollars yearly with just blogging.

Due to this level of success from people like Linda Ikeji and a numerous number of others, some Nigerians have tapped into the average growing world of blogging in order to earn a living while writing on ideas they are passionate about and solving the problems of people all around the world.

This passion has not been less rewarding but very rewarding for some people.

To some people who do not know how to go about it, I has turned out to be frustrating and alot of people quit  very early just because majority of people just want to blog and make money instead of providing solutions.

What makes people quit blogging too early emanates from alot of factors like;
  • not having a sound understanding of SEO
  • not writing to share ideas but writing with the aim of making money only
  • Using a bad hosting company


Blogging is a very lucrative area of specialisation that reaps massive benefits in the long run.

One of the things that must be really considered in the world of blogging that brings great benefits is writing great contents. 

When you write great contents, it becomes easy for people to bookmark your blog as a go-to place when they have a difficulty in finding solutions to a particular problem. 

When the confidence of people grow with respect of having your blog as a solution centre for their challenges, it becomes easy for them to be a regular visitor to your blog and also share your post to thousands of people in the social media.
When this happens, you start taking in money as a reward for your hard work while still having time to enjoy the money you earn if you turn it to a full time work.

The beginning might be tough as you may not really see alot of increase in traffic but don't let it discourage you.

Instead of being discouraged, continue producing up to date articles that is aimed at solving the problems of people in a particular niche that you choose to blog about.

You can blog about sport niche on topics like kayaks and can learn about things like symptoms of a bad primer bulb.

A great boat blog is also a great choice too where you can blog things about boats.

When you comply to SEO principles and keep producing quality contents, your blog in no time will start to rank well in search engines which in turn leads to alot of free traffic to your blog.

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